2018 NFL Mock Draft

2018 nfl mock draft

2018 NFL Mock Draft

In the initial round of the NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers could go after a safety in the initial round. They need to shore up their defensive line, and the Panthers may consider drafting Iowa’s Daniels. He’s a good center and may also play at guard or left tackle. In this class, Carolina has an abundance of needs, however the Bengals should consider taking an offensive lineman.

Even though many teams aren’t looking to have a tight end, the Ravens have a slight affinity for the Seminoles. They need a big-play threat to throw to Andrew Luck, and Nelson gets the athleticism to supply it. The Bengals, on the other hand, may need a big-play receiver. In the first round, they ought to grab wide receiver Michael Crabtree, but a dynamic young wideout like Brandon Moore would create a huge difference.

As the draft order is not necessarily an official prediction, it does provide some valuable insight into the draft. If the Bengals pick the No. 1 overall pick, they’ll land the best quarterback in the draft. However, the Bills should double down on the O-line if the draft breaks in this manner. With injuries decimating the offensive line recent years, they should take action for another deep threat in Chark.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ pressure to win this season will undoubtedly be tremendous, and the offensive line must be improved for Jameis Winston to play his best. If the Bucs 카지노 쿠폰 can protect the quarterback, they’ll have the very best chance of winning the Super Bowl. And when Nelson doesn’t get to the Patriots, the Vikings should look at a play-making safety in Derwin James. If he makes his way to Tampa, the defense is actually a major strength.

The Philadelphia Eagles could make a move for at the very top quarterback in the first round. With six picks in the initial round, the Philadelphia Eagles could be in the market for an edge rusher. Marcus Chubb could be an excellent fit opposite Myles Garrett, therefore the Ravens will want to grab him. A second-round pick is another substitute for consider. If the team wants a playmaker to safeguard Joe Flacco, the Jaguars should target the very best in the class.

The Chargers are under a huge amount of pressure to win this year. If Jameis Winston could be protected, the Buccaneers can play to their potential. If they can find a way to enhance their offensive line, a proceed to a top-six quarterback will be a good choice. The Steelers’ require a linebacker, so that they should double-down on Crosby.

While the Patriots will not have a top pick in the first round, they should not be ignored. The Patriots could take an all-field playmaker, but a team will undoubtedly be hesitant to take a quarterback if he has to contend with injuries. At another end of the spectrum, they could still decide on a talented offensive lineman. Ultimately, the Steelers should aim to obtain the best player in the draft.

The Patriots certainly are a team that will need a quarterback to compete in the AFC. The Patriots have been a team that has struggled against athletic offenses. This season, they want a quarterback with a solid arm. After the draft, they will have several options at the positioning. If they can’t find a franchise quarterback, they are able to still pick a backup. Should they don’t, they can always get a free agent.

The Saints are searching for a quarterback with position versatility. Max Unger is 32 years old and is a superb option, but the team can use some help at other positions to improve the offense. Otherwise, the Raiders are largely waiting to obtain a new running back. In the end, they can choose any of their top five picks. The Colts can afford to take a center if they have an offensive lineman.

The Cardinals can progress in the initial round to take a quarterback. This is a good situation for Arizona to trade up to get a top-notch player. The quarterback position is crucial for the Cardinals. An excellent player at this position will increase the chances of success for the team. If the Cardinals can get a top-tier quarterback, they could even trade around get one of their best defensive prospects.